• Students are trained to analytically and critically solve complex problems.
  • Students are equipped with skills in observation and inference from data.
  • Students can specialize in areas such as government economic policy, international trade, international finance, financial markets, industrial economics, institutional economics, economic growth and development, and law and economics.
  • Students can choose their career paths such as business/finance professionals, or commercial, industrial, and public sector managers.


Course duration
  • Bachelor's Program: 4 years full-time
  • Master's Program: 1-2 years full-time
  • Doctoral Program: 3-7 years full-time
Total Credits
  • Bachelor's Program: 128 Credits
    • Required Courses: 96Credits
    • Elective Courses: 32 Credits
  • Master's Program: 36 Credits
    • Required Courses: 12 Credits (Excluding Master Thesis)
    • Elective Courses: 24 Credits
  • Doctoral Program: 24 Credits
    • Required Courses: 15 Credits (Excluding Doctoral Thesis)
    • Elective Courses: 9 Credits
Start month
Spring Semester: February
Fall Semester: August
FCU College of Business
Course contact
Telephone:+886-4-24517250 ext.4471
  • Business Analyst
  • Diplomat
  • International Business Specialist
  • AACSB Initial Business Accreditation Ratified by the Board - February 2014