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Degree Examinations

Degree Examination

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Dissertation Proposal

1.    After entering the program, Doctoral students shall choose a dissertation advisor. In principle, the dissertation advisor shall be a full-time faculty member of this program with the rank of assistant professor (inclusive) or higher.

      Advisor changes require the written permission of the original advisor and newly appointed advisor.

2.    Following completion of required courses and passage of qualifying examination, students shall submit doctoral dissertation proposal to the dissertation proposal review committee.

3.    The dissertation proposal review committee shall be composed of at least 3 persons including the dissertation advisor. The remaining members shall be recommended by the disertation advisor from among the faculty members of this University with the rank of assistant professor (inclusive) or higher and invited by the program chair.

4.    The dissertation proposal review shall be conducted as an open oral examination. Students who do not pass may re-apply for dissertation proposal review the following semester if the term of study has not expired.


Degree Examination

1.    A PhD candidate that has conducted research of a certain standard, has had a paper published in or accepted by an international respected journal in which he/she is the first author, and receives written approval from the dissertation advisor can apply to take the doctoral degree examination.

2.    PhD candidate must submit record of completed coursework, dissertation proposal review report, documentation of published works, draft of doctoral dissertation and recommendation letter from the  dissertation advisor to the academic committee of this program. Following approval by the academic committee, the student shall be allowed to take the doctoral degree examination.

3.    Procedures for the doctoral dissertation degree examination are as follows:

(1)  The program shall arrange the degree examination date, time and location. Three weeks prior to the examination date, the doctoral dissertation shall be submitted to the degree examination committee.

(2)  The doctoral degree examination committee members shall be invited by the University president. They shall include the dissertation advisor, one member of the dissertation proposal review committee and 3 to 5 other members who will conduct the oral examination. The members of the committee shall choose a convener. The dissertation advisor may not serve in this capacity. During the degree examination at least five members of the doctoral degree examination committee must be present. Committee members must attend in person and may not appoint a proxy.

(3)  The highest possible score on the examination is 100 points. 70 points are required to pass. The score is based on the average of the scores submitted anonymously by the degree examination committee members in attendance. However, If two-thirds (inclusive) or more of committee members submit failing scores, the candidate will be considered to have failed the examination. Scores may be submitted only once.

4.    If the candidate failed and the term of study has not yet expired, he/she may re-apply to take the degree examination the following semester or academic year. The test may only be retaken once. If a candidate does not pass a second time, he/she will be required to withdraw from the program.