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GIS Research Center

GIS Research Center

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In the early 90’s, the era of worldwide information technology revolution, the information industry in Taiwan was in the process of getting well-established. However, applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), such as population studies and the utilization of land resources, were still in the formative stages. Hence, the development of GIS.FCU was under such crucial circumstances.
Ever since its inception, the lab began actively cooperating with academic institutes, governmental agencies, and industry to further the research and development of GIS in a multidisciplinary environment. Owing to its extraordinary achievements, the FCU had the Ministry of Education to review its application for approval on March 31st, 1995. In the same year, on August 11th, the GIS Research Center at FCU was approved and established formally. Being the first officially approved GIS research center in Taiwan, the center aimed to advance the applications of GIS, improve teaching environments, provide human resource training, and upgrade domestic research and development.
With the establishment of the Graduate Program of the Department of Land Management at FCU, graduate students dedicated their concerted efforts into the various fields of GIS. Meanwhile, GIS.FCU continually increased its manpower; so far the Center owns around 30 support teachers, over 130 full-time employees, and some master and doctoral students.
Since its establishment, the GIS Research Center has been authorized by public and private institutions to participate in research and to undertake projects. Until now, hundreds of journal articles and conference papers have been published; teaching materials in GIS and Remote Sensing (RS) have been prepared for all levels of learning and teaching. Each year, in order to enhance children’s knowledge of GIS, the Center offers various training programs, such as “Digital Earth Technology Winter Camp” for elementary and junior high school students, and GIS poster competitions for high school students. For years, GIS.FCU has assisted the government to popularize the application of National Geographic Information System, host large-scale seminars, and display national geographic information products. Besides, GIS.FCU has been incessantly promoting GIS, RS (Remote Sensing), and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies. We hope that everyone in the society becomes acquainted with the latest geospatial techniques and achievements, and consecutively applies geospatial technologies to build a safe and humane living environment.


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