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Degree Examinations

Degree Examination

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Feng Chia University Department of Economics Guidelines for PhD Program Degree Examinations


Adopted during a departmental affairs meeting on 2006/05/22

Ratified by the University president on 2006/07/29

Revised and adopted during a departmental affairs meeting on 2006/09/14

Ratified by the University president on 2006/10/05


Article 1: These guidelines are stipulated in accordance with the Feng Chia University College of Business Guidelines for PhD Program Degree Examinations and the Feng Chia University Department of Economics PhD Program Academic Notifications.


Article 2: PhD students in the Department of Economics are required to meet all of the following qualifications before they are eligible to apply for a degree examination:


1.      Successful completion of the stipulated course work.

2.      Successful completion of the qualifying examination.

3.      Demonstration of proficiency in the English language by one of the following:

                                                          i.   Completion of a minimum of six course credits in designated English-language courses (with a passing grade of at least 70 percent), and participation in a TOEFL English proficiency test upon the completion of the courses.

                                                        ii.   Completion of a TOEFL examination with a score of 530 or higher (or a CBT TOEFL score with a score of 197 or higher), or another English-language proficiency test that is an equivalent level and in line with the regulations of the department’s PhD program. Attendance in designated English-language courses is not required upon successful completion of the aforementioned English-language proficiency examinations.

4.      Attendance at an international academic conference (not including international predatory conferences arranged by the College of Business) and present an academic paper in English on a topic of your field of study.

5.      Publication of at least one academic paper in an SSCI, Econlit, or TSSCI journal (or demonstrate that a paper has been accepted to be published). With the exception of the dissertation advisor’s name, the graduate student’s name must be in the first position on the submitted paper(s).

6.      Completion of the doctoral thesis in English.

7.      The graduate student evaluation committee is responsible for handling the review of the applicant’s qualifications. The committee retains the right to request the applicant submit substantive review comments and the author’s reply.


Article 3: These guidelines have been in effect since the 2004 academic year.


Article 4: These guidelines were adopted during a departmental affairs meeting, then promulgated. Revisions shall be handled in the same manner.


Article 5: In the event that the meaning, connotation, or interpretation expressed in these English-language guidelines differ from the original Chinese-language version, the Chinese-language version shall be taken to be correct and true.