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The full-time program for undergraduate study was established within this department in the 2009/2010 academic year following approval by the Ministry of Education. Two additional full-time programs will be added in the 2010/2011 academic year.


Mission (Goal)

The objectives of this department are to cultivate future professional marketer’s creativeness and high-touch. Creativeness refers to the ability to observe trends and to create innovative products that complement those trends. High-touch refers to the ability to understand people’s motivations and the subtleties of human interaction. The specific objective are followings:

  1. Strengthen international and cross-cultural marketing capabilities.
  2. Cultivate student ability to observe trends in international markets.
  3. Develop marketing plan writing capability and the attainment of comprehensive, integrated knowledge.
  4. Stimulate creativeness, aesthetics and commercialization capabilities.
  5. Elevate proficiency in international communication.


Marketing is a business science concerned with the completion of transactional exchange. Students will acquire marketing knowledge from discipline textbooks, outstanding faculty and experts in the field. This program is focused on educating future business leaders. It provides an integrated overview of commercial resources, while providing an in-depth look at quality of life and the creation of products that enhance quality of life and are perceived as of value in the marketplace. Thus, the program.

  1. Incorporates Cross-cultural and international marketing into the curriculum design. It is expected that graduates will be able to assist enterprises in the implementation of comprehensive marketing concepts to strengthen their international competitiveness.
  2. Integrates theory and practice. Students will be instructed by well-known international faculty members and will have the opportunity to participate in academia-industry collaborations, marketing plan competitions, and case studies. By the time that they graduate, students will have become confident and competent marketing professionals.

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