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Established in 1970, the Department of Economics currently has an enrollment of close to 600 undergraduate and 50 graduate students. At present, the department has six professors, seven associate professors and three assistant professors. In addition, several instructors from other universities and institutions support our undergraduate and graduate courses. All faculty members possess years of professional and teaching experience, significant research and scholarly accomplishments, and a dedication to effectively prepare students for successful careers.

The department offers high quality undergraduate and graduate programs which prepare students for rewarding careers in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, both programs provide immense economic knowledge and analytical tools which serve as the foundation for both public policy and business-oriented decision-making activities. Furthermore, students can specialize in areas such as government economic policy, international trade, international finance, financial markets, industrial economics, institutional economics, economic growth and development, and law and economics. 

 The department regularly invites off-campus academics to present papers, discuss research findings, or discuss current economic issues. These seminars provide a unique platform for exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge that enhance the research capability of faculty members and graduate students.