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Program Overview

The Department of Statistics was established in 1966, and the Graduate Institute of Statistics and Actuarial Science—the first graduate institute of actuarial science in Taiwan—in 1993. The Ph.D. program in Applied Statistics was started in 2004.

To meet the future demands of academic institutions and industry for employees well trained in statistics, the department has set ambitious goals to provide a series of rigorous and extensive courses on applied statistics to prepare students for graduate studies or employment.

For our undergraduate program, the focus is on areas of applied statistics such as actuarial science, quantitative finance, marketing and information technology. The program of Master of Science focuses on three areas: applied statistics, actuarial science, and quantitative finance. The Ph.D. program in applied Statistics has two areas of concentration: biostatistics (biomedical statistics and environmental statistics) and quantitative finance (financial statistics and actuarial statistics).

The primary guiding principle of the Department of Statistics is to provide students with a solid foundation in basic statistical theory with emphasis on application. The unique feature of the department is its integrated and comprehensive training in statistical and information sciences.

To train our students to be well-rounded statisticians, the department offers various courses on the application of information sciences, such as Computer Programming, Data Analysis with Applications of Statistical Software and Data Mining.

The department places emphasis on both teaching and research and works to allow these two areas to complement each other. An important aspect of our programs is the wide career opportunities they provide to our students. Many of our graduates go on to further study, while others find employment in engineering, biotechnology, insurance, and finance industries or in government agencies.

Program Learning Goal

  • Students have developed deductive and analytical abilities.

  • Students possess both statistics and business knowledge.

  • Students are able to use information technology in doing various statistical analyses.

  • Students are able to ingrate knowledge from different fields.

  • Students have a clear sense of professional social responsibility and are willing to serve others.

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