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Bachelor of International Business Administration Program

Bachelor of International Business Administration Program (BIBA)

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Program Overview

The Department of International Trade, established in 1963, currently has eighteen full-time faculty members, 760 undergraduate and 48 graduate students. Because international trade is the engine of economic growth and development in Taiwan, the Departments of International Trade in Taiwanese universities are crucial to the continued well-being of our society. They also facilitate Taiwan’s linkage to the global economy, and hence, contribute to the global economic development.

Since English is the main communication tool of international trade, our program includes many courses which assign textbooks in English. This unique feature of our department attracts high quality students; thus, admissions to the program are highly competitive.

To achieve a balanced approach between theory and practice, the Department provides solid and diversified curricula to enable students to work in a wide range of positions in international trade. The Department has a broad network of alumni who have successful careers in international trade. They hold positions such as customs officials, economic development officers, international sales persons, marketers of products and services in international markets, and trade show coordinators. Graduates of the Department have consistently established themselves in high positions within the government, commercial, and industrial sectors.

The Mission of Department of International Trade on Undergraduate Program:
「To cultivate students to become trade and business professionals with international perspectives.」
The Mission of Department of International Trade on Graduate Program:
「To cultivate students to become business professionals with expertise in international business management.」

Program Learning Goal

  • Professional knowledge of international business and international trade: Each student is able to demonstrate an understanding of the development of international trade, elaborate on national and international markets and on the characteristics of national resources. Students gain professional knowledge in managing international business and international trade, economics, and marketing.

  • Communication ability: Each student respects the functions and value of effective communication and is able to participate in discussions Students are able to effectively express their opinions orally and in writing.

  • Analytical ability: Each student is able to apply professional knowledge readily and recognizes the relationship between theory and application. Each student will be able to analyze a situation and identify the relative values of theory and application in solving problems.

  • English ability: Each student is willing to learn at least one foreign language and acquires the professional English vocabulary needed for transnational business and international trade.

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