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Continuing Education Program in Business

Continuing Education Program in Business

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Program Overview

The program originally belonged to the Accounting, Cooperative Economics and Insurance departments. It was started in 2002 in response to the development of a lifelong learning culture within the society.

Presently, degree programs and credit courses are offered. We are committed to offering high-quality education and service. It is our belief that lifelong learning should be made accessible to all people to provide them with the opportunity to elevate their knowledge and living standards.

The Continuing Education Program in Business aims to provide lifelong learning opportunities in the area of general business knowledge to a diverse student population. This program is carried out through the extension of the educational resources of the College of Business.

Program Learning Goal

  • Students possess healthy moral and ethical orientations.

  • Students are knowledgeable on professional business management and administration matters.

  • Students communicate effectively and cooperate well.

  • Students are able to employ information technology in achieving business goals.

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