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History and Structure

History and Structure

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The Department was founded in 1971 by Feng Chia University. Throughout its entire history, the name of the Department has been changed several times to cope with the shift in the external environment and job markets. Starting from August 2017, the Department was named “Transportation and Logistics”.

Transportation has been at the basis of all aspects of development which facilitates human, social, and economic interactions around the world. Logistics is regarded as the 'last frontier for cost reduction' and the 'third profit source'. Both transportation and logistics play a key role in the development of the modern society. With the demand for more transportation and logistics graduates rising, there are a variety of related undergraduate and graduate programs on offer at the Department to meet this need.

With its long history, the department has a network of over 5,000 alumni, possessing wide industrial connections. It enjoys an excellent reputation for the quality of graduates among companies across industries and is highly regarded by students, academics, and the industry. Furthermore, our department is the first transportation-related department to receive accreditation by Institute of Engineering Education in Taiwan, which ensures the quality of our education in conformity to international standard.

We look forward to welcoming enthusiastic students around the world to join our programs and explore the unlimited future of transportation and logistics.