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Chinese for foriegn

2015 Course Selection Announcements for International Students

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Feng Chia University Center for Chinese Language and Culture 2015 Course Selection Announcements for International Students


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(04)2451-7250 Ext. 5533

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Website: http://www.cclc.fcu.edu.tw/wSite/mp?mp=536901


Room 106

Information/Electrical Engineering Building

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday

9:00-12:00, 1:30-6:00




1.     International students are defined as students that are not of Taiwanese nationality who are enrolled in four-year undergraduate degree programs or in the Bachelor’s Program of International Business Administration (BIBA).

2.     Chinese-language courses for international students include Chinese (1) + Citizen’s Perspective, and Chinese (2) + The Development of Civilization.

3.     In order to strengthen their Chinese-language abilities, international students must simultaneously enroll in Chinese (1) + Citizen’s Perspective (four course credits); this is also required for Chinese (2) + The Development of Civilization (four course credits).

4.     To achieve the appropriate and effective level of education, the Center for Chinese Language and Culture has adopted a placement system that is based on the student’s Chinese-language abilities.

5.     To assist students select courses, the Center for Chinese Language and Culture manually selects courses that are based on each student’s Chinese-language Test of Proficiency results.


Chinese-language Test of Proficiency


1.     International students must take the Chinese-language Test of Proficiency before they can enroll in Chinese courses at Feng Chia University. The examination results—classified as beginner, intermediate, and advanced—shall be used to determine each student’s level of Chinese-language and an appropriate class.

2.     The Test of Proficiency is held twice at the beginning of each semester (approximately one week before and one week after the beginning of classes). The exact examination dates and location will be posted separately.

3.     In the event that a student misses both examinations, he/she must take a makeup examination, the cost of which shall be the responsibility of the student.

4.     Three days after the examination, the Center for Chinese Language and Culture will post a class placement list on its web page.

5.     The Test of Proficiency rank from the first semester can be delayed to the second semester, but cannot be delayed to the following academic year.


Course Selection


1.     After receiving a Test of Proficiency rank, students should ensure that the Chinese class schedule (a total of four hours) does not conflict with their other classes; the Center for Chinese Language and Culture will then manually add the courses during the add/drop period.

2.     The Center for Chinese Language and Culture will manually add courses for students; however, students can still withdraw from the courses.

3.     If students have not yet added four course credits two days before the add/drop deadline, they should immediately provide their academic details and contact information to the Center for Chinese Language and Culture so that we can help resolve the issue.


Alternative Courses


1.     If students lack Chinese (1) or Citizen’s Perspective, or Chinese (2) or The Development of Civilization, among their graduation course credits, an approved general education course can serve as a substitute.

2.     Please consult with the Center for Chinese Language and Culture when substituting Chinese (1) or Chinese (2) with a general education course.

3.    Please consult with the General Education Center (ext. 2141; 10th Floor, Ren-Yan Building) when substituting Citizen’s Perspective or the Development of Civilization with a general education course.

4.    Procedures for course substitute waivers are determined by the General Education Center.