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About the Center

In August of the year 2014, the Center for Chinese Language and Culture was set up to arrange the Chinese language and culture learning courses for local and international students in all units of Feng Chia University. Our service included Chinese course planning, textbook editing, professional teaching association, teacher assistant (TA) training, i-learning system management, cultural workshops in the Chinese language center—Cai-tong-ting (采銅廳) of Ji-xue-tang (積學堂), and Chinese teaching i-book publishing and so on. 

Mission Statements

In order to encourage college students to learn and share more about Chinese language and culture, we attempt to meet this mission by providing:

  • Comprehensive courses to improve students’ Chinese proficiency in reading, listening, speaking and writing with core learning activities in the language center (采銅廳) every semester。
  • Enforceable textbooks to match the students’ needs in different Chinese-learning level; especially target at the increasingly international and oversea Chinese students in campus.
  • Fresh and vigorous organization with innovative institution to achieve the best goal.