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Name  Chuang-Chien Chiu
 Position Professor 
 Specialties Image Processing, Speech Recognition, Biosignal Processing, Computer-aided Medical Diagnosis
Telephone  (886)-4-24517250 ext.2100, 3930


Name  Chern-Sheng Lin
 Position Professor 
 Specialties Machine Vision, Human-machine Interface, Electro-optical Measurement
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.3929


Name  Ju-Liang He
 Position Professor 
 Specialties Plasma Engineering, Surface Engineering, Thin Film Batteries, Photovoltaic Materials, Materials Science & Engineering, Thin Films & Coating Technology, Electrochromic Materials & Devices, Surface Characterization & Analysis
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.5315


Name  Shen-Ming Lee
 Position Professor 
 Specialties Bio-Statistics, Survey Sampling, Ecological Statistics, Actuarial Mathematics, Chinese Medical Statistics
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.4409 


Name  Cathy W. S. Chen
 Position Professor 
 Specialties Forecasting, Statistical Computing, Bayesian Statistics, Financial Time Series Analysis 
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.4412 



Name  Rong-Fuh Louh
 Position Professor 
 Specialties Fuel Cells, Solar Cells, Photonic Crystals, Ceramic Nanoplanarization, Laser Materials Processing, Self-Assembled Photonic Crystals, Electrical Ceramics, Ceramic Processing Technology, Wet Chemical Deposition Techniques (EPD, CBD, SILAR, Electrodeposition, Sol-Gel)
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.5314


Name  Tang-Chieh Liu
 Position Professor 
 Specialties Solid-state optics, Numerical calculation, Integrated circuit design, Flat-panel display drivers, High-speed electronic devices, Semiconductor physics and devices
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.4965


Name  Fang-Rong Hsu
 Position Professor 
 Specialties Algorithms, Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Parallel Processing
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.3755


Name  Yun-Peng Chao
 Position Professor 
 Specialties Genetic Engineering, Metabolic Engineering, Biomass Energy Project, Nano Biomedical Engineering
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.3677


Name  Yi-Jui Liu
 Position Professor
 Specialties Medical Image Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Magnetic Resonance Image in Medicine
Telphone (886)-4-24517250 ext.3928


Name  Ching-Hwa Cheng
 Position Professor
 E-Mail chengchatfcu.edu.tw 
 Specialties VLSI CAD, VLSI design, VLSI Testing
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.4963
Name  Wan-Lun Wang
 Position Professor
 Specialties Bayesian Statistics, Reliability Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis
Telephone  (886)-4-24517250 ext. 4407 


Name  Wen-Cheng Chen 
 Position Professor 
 Specialties Biomaterials, Medical Engeieering, Material Analysis, Polymer Chemistry, Functional Fiber Composites
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.3431


Name  Shyan-Lung Lin
 Position Professor
 Specialties Biomedical Control Systems, System Modelling and Simulation, Control Engineering and Applications, Respiratory Control and Clinical Applications
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.3938


Name  Cheng-I Chien
 Position Associate Professor
 Specialties  Biological toxicity testing, Biomarker of toxic chemical, Toxic chemical risk assessment, Environmental and molecular toxicology
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.5215


Name  Yue-Der Lin
 Position Associate Professor
 Specialties Medical Electronics, Biomedical Signal Processing
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.3925


Name  Ming-Yen Lin
 Position Associate Professor
 Specialties Data Mining, Multimedia Databases, Database & Data Stream Management
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.3747


Name  Lei Wang
 Position Associate Professor
 E-Mail leiwangatfcu.edu.tw
 Specialties Embedded System, System Security, Network Protocols, Computer Architecture
Telephone  (886)-4-24517250 ext. 3838 


Name  Chin-Sheng Yu
 Position Associate Professor
 Specialties Bioinformatics, Structural Bioinformatics, Computational Systems Biology
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.3742


Name  C. James Shih 
 Position Associate Professor 
 Specialties Polymer Engineering, Composites, BioMEMS, Microfluidic System
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.3680


Name  Ying-Chih Lin
 Position Associate Professor
 E-Mail yichlinatfcu.edu.tw 
 Specialties Graph theory, Cloud computing, Financial computation, Algorithm design and analysis, Parallel/Distributed computing
Telephone (886)-4-24517250 ext.5127