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The College of Business is dedicated to continuous improvement of the quality in business education at Feng Chia University. Obtaining the AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation will ensure the on-going improvement of both teaching and learning outcomes.

Accreditation Process:

The accreditation application is a complex process which consists of a variety of evaluations and several stages. AACSB International membership is requisite for participation. AACSB members are entitled to resources provided by AACSB, such as the opportunity to participate in international conferences and receiving the latest information on business education.

AACSB will provide the complete application process and assign a mentor to assist and advise the school on the self-assessment process. The school needs to maintain the accreditation status by submitting annual self-assessment reports.

The College of Business has formed a team in charge of the AACSB affairs. The accreditation process requires assistance and resources from many of the school units. AACSB accreditation puts emphasis on the self-assessment of the applying units and the efforts to improve any weaknesses; therefore, the mission and learning goals of the university, college and departments need to be established at the initial stage of the accreditation. The students' academic development and school activities are the force to enhance education quality; among some of the approaches are strong faculty resources, integration of information technology in teaching, innovative teaching materials, and offering career-oriented courses.


Despite the complex work involved in the process, pursuing the accreditation is deemed to be a good way to promote the school and improve the education quality. The stakeholders of the school are all supportive of pursuing the accreditation.