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  •  Research areas of the mechanical and aeronautical engineering covers a breadth of topics that relate to mechanics of materials, controls, vibrations, dynamics, mechatronics, robotics, acoustics, solid mechanics, optimization, and design and manufacturing.
  • Thermal/fluid sciences in thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, turbomachinery, energy storage, and combustion are applied to improve engines, gas turbines, aircrafts, power plants, rockets, and energy storage devices.
  • Research activities in the area of flight science and vehicle dynamics include airfoil design and analysis, aerodynamics, aircraft drag reduction, aircraft flight control, and helicopter rotor blade design.

Course duration

  • Doctoral Degree Program: 3-7 years full-time

Total Credits

  •  Doctoral Degree Program: 23 Credits
  • Required Courses: 2 Credits (Excluding Doctoral Thesis)
  • Elective Courses: 21 Credits

Start month

Spring Semester: February

Fall Semester: August


FCU College of Engineering

Course contact


Telephone:886-04-24517250 Ext.3022


  • Manufacturing, service and software companies, mechanical and aerospace engineering industries, governmental organizations, university and college faculties, and research laboratories.


  • IEET Accreditation