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2014 Taiwan Social Enterprise Management Forum

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1.         One purpose: to implement a "social care, citizenship practice" philosophy of education, is organizing the seminar on the development of social enterprises in Taiwan, imported by academic exchange practical types of social participation model that allows teachers and students to experience the "cooperation of citizens, business management, sustainable social enterprise vision when responsibility "of.

2.         Second, Participants: College proofread the major social care and social enterprises interested teachers and students.

3.         Third, the seminar Date: January 10, 2014 (five), 9:30 to 17:00.

4.         Fourth, Organizer: Feng Chia University Education Center.

5.         V. Co-organizers: Department of Economics, Feng Chia University cooperation, Research Institute of Social Entrepreneurship, Feng Chia University.

6.         Six seminars Location: Feng Chia University Business School, 8th Floor Eighth International Conference Hall.

7.         Seven, reporting: Network Online registration http://goo.gl/STr7Ab