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Social entreprise Management Program

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 ( A ) student eligibility

The school sophomore undergraduate faculties and graduate more students in the second semester of each academic year before the application deadline announcement , available at the school office to pick up the Department of Economics Cooperation Program or the website ( our website / Academic Courses / Faculty Program / nonprofit management Program ) to download the application form and attach the completed transcripts in total table, the Review Panel 's application to attend the Program , Program Review Panel Program participants in the decision after the list will be nonprofit management Program announcement official list of participants . Each school year, the school officially be registered as trainees learn the process of artificially limit of sixty .

(B ) proof of attendance credits and Program

The Program includes three core compulsory subjects and three elective subjects in the field of formal learning process in all subjects taught students who fail to complete and may apply for credit in the courses approved by the Program prior to graduation , and then the subject is included in the graduates of the credits, students should comply with the relevant provisions of the Department of origin ( as ) , the respective department ( as ) to be identified . Students are required to successfully complete three compulsory core subjects and three elective fields in each area to attend a minimum, these credits to attend at least 24 total credits, of which at least will be required to attend the department 's non- elective 9 units , their attendance and completion of courses achievements Exhibition by the review panel assessed by who Program awarded a certificate issued by the school system .

(C ) the relevant provisions of electives

The Program of elective subjects divided into three areas , Program participants must attend at least one of the areas above subjects . Opened with the nature of each department within the school but different subjects table name in the curriculum planning process , the students have to prove by the Program subject to the application of the original instructors lectures, by the Program Review Panel after approval as may be offsetting the subjects.

(D ) a certificate issued by the Program Job

Attend school graduates have completed the course of the planning process , please learn the process for the issuance of a certificate of graduation when the April 30 annual proposed initiative on .

• issuance of objects : the initiative to apply for the issuance of a certificate and audited by the students .

• Issuance time: time with a diploma issued .

• Issuance Location: Registration Section .

( E) Applicants jobs

To attend Nonprofit Management Program students Always handle the relevant job applications and credits .

• Processing time : every semester to add a withdrawal deadline to complete

• apply Location: Department of Economics Office ninth cooperation Business Building ( Room 901 suppliers )

• undertaker : Mr. Tan assistant

• Telephone Extension: 4354