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Services: Research, Extension and Teaching

Services: Research, Extension and Teaching

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 On the basis of the guide as well as the organizational structure of the organization 's mission , the research center has been in the credit union as well as many places as the object of social undertakings , the relevant ministries to undertake research NSC, Ministry of Interior , Council of Indigenous Peoples , the Council of Agriculture plans , have conducted a study to compare organizational performance monitoring and evaluation, social capital and networks, inter- agency international reserves , research entrepreneurship, micro- loans and credit , and so cooperative undertakings. Meanwhile , Feng Chia University campus in support under the program , the work carried out to build a database of the credit union . Credit Union Association of the Republic of China is also obliged to provide considerable assistance to improve the validity of the study. In addition, the promotion of social , acceptance of the Interior, National Youth Commission to promote the work commissioned by the non-profit and cooperative education , the establishment of the central nonprofit learning platform , universal social reverberations . This is not only the central region ( south of Hsinchu , north of Chiayi ) the only research institute of social undertakings , but have established a good relationship with the central region of interaction nonprofit social undertakings , has also started a large number of international contacts and cooperation with the business community ( eg WOCCU, ACCU, IRU, etc. ) , expects to further deep into other areas of business and non-profit social business management .

On specific job or business purpose, the Centre was commissioned to undertake the study , participated in the promotion of education , the teaching work performed , as well as other relevant non-governmental organizations working consultants , and may issue the relevant certificates , and intends to develop further towards the following objectives :

1 assist social undertakings entrepreneurship , business management and system planning.

2 help build product marketing network.

3 operational information to help social causes computerized .

4 grassroots social undertakings training of researchers .

5 . Provide social cause social marketing , fundraising , strategic planning, project consulting services.

6 Accept cooperation with public and private nonprofit Research Project commissioned by the relevant units .

7 published regularly in collaboration with non-profit publications , books , training materials and research results.

8 . Accept government and other related departments commissioned by the non-profit and co- promotion of education -related training .

9 assist Aboriginal community involvement through collaboration pipeline .