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Organizational design and functions

Organizational design and functions

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 The director is appointed by the School of Business, a position as part-time without official payment. A full-time faculty served for administration. RISE invited scholars and experts from governments, business or civil organizations in charge of non-paid consultant. The overall human resources also include a volunteer team under certified system. The RISE membership covers School of Business, School of Finance and School of Humanities and Social Sciences for nearly twenty full-time faculties.

The Director convened irregularly by proposal of the members. The main functions of the conference include the strategic development of marketing and resource analysis, research and social education, and promotion of Academic-Business-Public cooperation. A long-term progressive research project will be especially preferred.

RISE is now administered by:

• Director : Dr. Hao, Wang, Assistant Professor / Department of Economics Cooperation

• Phone :04 -24517250 ext, 4362

• E-mail: koelnnippesde@gmail.com, hwang@fcu.edu.tw


•Assistant: Yi Hsuan, Li

• Phone :04 -24,517,250 turn 4367

• E-mail: doc2903@gmail.com, yihli@fcu.edu.tw

Official Web site: http://www.rise.fcu.edu.tw/wSite/mp?mp=435401