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FCU Degrees and Programs Introduction

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Bachelor's Degree

The students of school of business can study a wide variety of subjects, from the traditional to professionally accredited programs or a unique combination devised through our Non-degree scheme. Alternatively there is option to spend up to a year studying abroad as part of exchange agreement with one of our 104 partner universities worldwide. Also, Feng Chia offers an exceptionally wide range of opportunities for its students to gain the skills employers want, and for you to really make the most of your time here and increase your employability work experience through volunteering opportunities and student business projects.

Master's Degree

We offer 9 taught Masters programs with a strong focus on starting or accelerating a new career. Under the program details we list the core and option modules which must be taken and how you will be assessed, along with entry requirements and the tuition fees for each program. You are directed to the relevant School websites where you can find greater detail on the program that interests you.


You will have to be able to devote yourself to the in-depth study of a topic of your choosing under the guidance of a leading authority in the subject. Doctoral studies program offering three main degrees by research in business, economics and statistics. We offer three- and four- year full-time pathways to PhD of a leading standard, details of all our program requirements can be found in our course section.

Non-degree Program

This innovation non-degree scheme enables students to combine modules from a number of different fields of study. These form a unique, approved academic program, and the flexible scheme can be taken either full- or part- time and allows students to develop a particular cross-subject blend of knowledge and skills in line with your own academic interests and career objectives. The title of your degree will reflect your areas of study.